Cooking Round the World Winter Camp 2017

"Cooking in A Winter Wonderland"

When we think of wintertime we think of comfort food like hearty soups, gooey mac and cheese, roasted casserole dishes, biscuits and breads covered with sweet homemade jams! Mmmmm.

Over the winter break we invite your children to join us making, baking, tasting and eating wintery food from around the world!

Each camp day we cook and eat 4 to 8 recipes, read a wintery folktale, play an international/national folk game, observe a cooking demonstration, and learn to think critically about the foods we just cooked. In the afternoon we see a slide presentation, play a trivia game and play our version of the TV show "Chopped" or bake desserts.

The program is completely hands-on; everyone peels or chops or dices or minces. We believe in cooking with whole foods and having the children do the prep work themselves.

Who can attend a winter cooking camp?
Cooking Camp is for boys and girls ages 6 to 13.
How much does a winter cooking camp cost?
Costs vary and are listed on the individual camp registration pages. No individual days of camp are offered.

Camp Locations and Dates

(click on city name to register)

    Alameda FULL : Jan 2 - 4 (Tue  – Thu)
    Harbor Bay Isle Community Center: 3195 Mecartney Rd, Alameda
    Full day only (9 – 4)


    Albany : Dec 18 – 22

    St. Alban's Episcopal Church Kitchen: 1501 Washington Ave, Albany, CA
    Full day (9 – 4) or half day (9 – 1). Pre-care (8 – 9 am) offered


    Fremont : Jan 2 - 5, 2018

    Temple Beth Torah: 42000 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94539
    This is a camp that has both cooking and art. You can sign up for just cooking, or just art.
    If you sign up for both programs (full day) you get a 10% discount.
    9 – 1: Cooking Round the World: a cooking and cultural exploration
    1 – 4: Young Rembrandts: students have fun while developing fundamental art literacy and improved academic abilities.

    "Raising generations that value the power, the passion and the significance of ART."


    Lafayette : Dec 18 – 22 FULL ; Dec 27 - 29 FULL
    Acalanes Masonic Lodge Kitchen: 925 Moraga Road, Lafayette, CA
    Full day (9 – 4) or half day (9 – 1). Pre-care (8 – 9 am) offered


    Oakland : Dec 18 – 22; Dec 27 - 29; Jan 2 - 5 FULL (Tue – Fri)
    Kehilla Community Synagogue Kitchen: 1300 Grand Ave., Piedmont, CA
    Full day (9 – 4) or half day (9 – 1). Pre-care (8 – 9 am) offered


    Pleasant Hill : Dec 27 - 29; Jan 2 - 5, 2018
    St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Kitchen: 1601 Mary Dr, Pleasant Hill, CA
    Full day (9 – 4) or half day (9 – 1). Pre-care (8 – 9 am) offered


    San Diego : Dec 18 – 22
    St. Therese Academy: 6046 Camino Rico, San Diego
    Full day only (9 – 4)


    Encinitas : Jan 2 - 5
    Lux Art Institute:
    1550 S El Camino Real, Encinitas
    Full day only (9 – 4)

Please note:

  • We are a completely nut free program. There are no nuts in any recipe. If your child has allergies beyond nuts, please call before signing up: 510-593-5285.
  • The Oakland camp location is vegetarian (and delicious). Other camp locations contain a few meat dishes.
  • Please refer to the policies page regarding cancellations and refunds.

For questions or concerns, contact Director Mindy Myers;
510-593-5285 or email at

We appreciate your spreading the word about our program.