Cooking Round the World
Fall Classes 


   Cooking, hands-on learning, trying new foods…… that’s what makes Cooking Round the World afterschool classes so much fun!


   Health and safety protocol is strictly adhered to; classes limited to 12 kids. There are No nuts in any recipe. Children required to wear a mask.


   Below are descriptions of class offerings: (To note not all course offerings are available at all locations)

  • Cooking Round the World

 You won’t need a passport to cook from different countries! Children will lean about culture, tastes, and celebrations while enjoying the foods and flavors from different countries.

  • Cooking Round the USA

  Children will visit a different US state each class, learn about what that state is distinctly known for, and eat delicious foods associated with that state. There will be map education, a cooking demonstration, and cooking and eating dishes renown from that state.


  • Burritos and Tacos

  Soft or crunchy: when its wrapped in a burrito or taco it’s always delicious! Children will create fillings -- some traditional fillings like chicken, beans, vegetables, while others are unusual fillings….and sauces like pico de gallo, salsa, guacamole, more!

  • 5- Bites of Deliciousness

  From mini quiche, to mac and cheese cups, to pizza muffins, to kugel noodle muffins …children will explore savory cooking yumminess that fits in a muffin tin

  • Food Fusion

Food Fusion is a form of cooking that combines contrasting flavors into a single dish: very popular! From pizza tacos ,to fruit sushi, to pretzel dogs ,to Pad Thai burritos…. Children will get a kick out of putting two different tastes together into one dish


  •  Eat Your Colors:

What’s better than eating a rainbow of colors! Red day: is red velvet pancakes, Brown day is: Pumpernickel grilled cheese, Yellow day is: mac 'n cheese; White Day: is white bean hummuwith pita, ………more!

Each class includes a cooking demo and a story with the same color theme. We ask families to dress in the color of the day. Yum and fun!

  •  Mommy & Me Classes: Moms support their “young chefs” as they learn basics about baking and cooking. For ages 3 – 5. Specific class themes listed under the location      

  • Breakfasts Round the World

Breakfast does not look the same in every country! In Morocco people eat falafel for breakfast; in Argentina people eat breakfast tostadas; in Bangladesh people eat egg and potato curry, in eastern Africa its common for people to eat mahamri, soft, triangular doughnuts, made with coconut milk and ground cardamom. Children will get an international culinary education. Mmmmmm.


  • Peace Through Food

 This afterschool program looks at the conflict between warring countries and discusses how peace could be brought about. We cook and eat foods from both countries in an effort to show how breaking bread could bring about harmony.


  • International Baking

Baking takes on an international flavor when we explore the world through its baked goods! Both savory and sweet baking will take place in this delicious class: the juncture of international culture and deliciousness!



            Classes offered at schools are restricted to children who attend that specific school.

           Classes at public spaces are open to anyone, as indicated.

To register, please click on the name of the school.

After filling out the form, you will get an automatic confirmation.


You will get another confirmation closer to class start date that has logistics in it.

Bay Area

School of the Madeleine: 1225 Milvia St, Berkeley


  • Mondays: Sept 12 – Oct 24 (no class Oct 10 – 6 sessions) from 3:15 – 4:45 pm. Theme: Cooking Round the World. Cost: $180

  • Tuesdays, Sept 6 – Oct 25 (8 sessions), from 3:15 – 4:45 pm. Theme: Cooking Round the World. Cost: $240

  • Halloween Cooking: (1 day treat-making class) Friday Oct 28 from 3:15 – 4:45 pm Cost $30

  • Mondays: Nov 7 – Dec 12 (no class Nov 21 – 5 sessions) from 3:15 – 4:45 pm Theme: Eat Your Colors. Cost $150

  • Tuesdays: Nov 1 – Dec 13 (no class Nov 22 – 6 sessions) from 3:15 – 4:45 pm. Theme: Eat Your Colors. Cost $180

Southern California

Chula Vista SchoolsTheme: Cooking Round the World

Classes limited to 12 students. Registration limited to children who attend the specific school.

  • Corky McMillin Elementary: 1201 Santa Cora Ave, SD; Tuesdays, Aug 9 – Aug 30. 

  • Greg Rogers Elementary, 501 E. Naples St, SD;    Tuesdays, Aug 9 – Aug 30. 

  • Otay Elementary School, 1651 Albany Ave, SD      

    • Wednesdays K – grade 2: timing: 2:40 – 4:10;  Aug 17 - Sept 21

    • Thursdays grades 3 – 6 timing: 2:40 – 4:10 Aug 18 - Sept 22 Room 608 – Sept 1 .

  • Rosebank Elementary School, 80 Flower St, SD Wednesdays, Aug 10 – Aug 31. 

  • Salt Creek Elementary School: 1055 Hunte Pkwy, SD Tuesdays, Aug 9 – Aug 30.

  • Wolf Canyon Elementary, 1950 Wolf Canyon Loop. SD; Tuesdays, Aug 9 – Aug 30. 

Classical Academy2022 University Drive, Vista Theme: Breakfasts Round the World. 

Classes limited to 12 students. Registration limited to children who attend Classical Academy.

  • Mondays, Sept 19 – Oct 10, from 9 – 10:30 am. grades 1 – 5 

  • Mondays, Sept 19 – Oct 10, from 11:00 am - 12:30 start time 11:05 for grades 6 - 8 


 Coronado P&R: visit



Nativity School6309 El Apajo Road Rancho Santa Fe, Ca Theme: Cooking Round the World

Classes limited to 12 students. Registration limited to children who attend Nativity school.

  • For grades K – 2: Mondays: Sept 13 – Oct 25, from 3 – 4:30 pm. 

  • For grades 3 – 5: Tuesdays, Sept 14 – Oct 26, from 3 – 4:30 pm. 

  • For grades 6 – 8: Wednesdays, Sept 15 – Oct 27, from 3 – 4:30 pm. .

St. Therese Academy: 6440 Saint Therese Way, San Diego, CA Theme: Cooking Round the World

Classes limited to 12 students. Registration limited to children who attend St. Therese Academy.

  • Grades 1-8th  Mondays , Sept 12 – Oct 24  3:30-5pm Art Rm.