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Cooking Round the World
Fall/Winter Classes 2023


   Cooking, hands-on learning, trying new foods…… that’s what makes Cooking Round the World afterschool classes so much fun!


   Health and safety protocol is strictly adhered to; classes limited to 12 kids. There are No nuts in any recipe.  Wearing a mask is optional.


   Below are descriptions of class offerings: (To note not all course offerings are available at all locations)

  • International Celebrations

Countries around the world celebrate holidays with unique practices and specialty foods. In Italy Tricolore Orzo Pasta Salad is eaten pre-New Year as it symbolizes wealth and prosperity; eating Chinese Sesame seed balls are a metaphor for businesses who make a small investment in the hopes of a large return; Carrot and Moong Dahl Salad is served at Indian weddings, more!


  • Regions of China

Each Chinese region has its own unique set of recipes including different spices. Campers will explore the various cooking styles and offerings from these regions: Sichuan, Taiwan, Hunan, Shandong and Guangdong (Cantonese). From egg rolls to dumplings to fried rice to noodle dishes, your child will have a fun and delicious time! 


  • Cooking Round the World

 You won’t need a passport to cook from different countries! Children will lean about culture, tastes, and celebrations while enjoying the foods and flavors from different countries.

  • Cooking Round the USA

  Children will visit a different US state each class, learn about what that state is distinctly known for, and eat delicious foods associated with that state. There will be map education, a cooking demonstration, and cooking and eating dishes renown from that state.


  •  Eat Your Colors:

What’s better than eating a rainbow of colors! Red day: is red velvet pancakes, Brown day is: Pumpernickel grilled cheese, Yellow day is: mac 'n cheese; White Day: is white bean hummuwith pita, ………more!

Each class includes a cooking demo and a story with the same color theme. We ask families to dress in the color of the day. Yum and fun!

  •  Mommy & Me Classes: Moms support their “young chefs” as they learn basics about baking and cooking. For ages 3 – 5. Specific class themes listed under the location      


  • International Baking

Baking takes on an international flavor when we explore the world through its baked goods! Both savory and sweet baking will take place in this delicious class: the juncture of international culture and deliciousness!

  • International Drive Thru

Did you know at a drive through in Japan you can get a teriyaki McMuffin; in France you can pull up for a Honey McMustard Veggie Sandwich; You can drink a Plum Peach Chiller in Korea and eat a McIbérica burger in Spain. This class will recreate these international drive through treats and more!


  • Southern Cooking

Finger lickin’ good recipes from the South: chicken and dumplings, skillet cornbread, hush puppies, fried green tomatoes, southern baked mac and cheese…. More! Mmmmm Mmmm good!


  • Hot and Spicy

Time to turn up the heat! From firecracker chicken to spicy Pad Thai, to 5 alarm chili your child will indulge in spicy and delicious foods. (A cup of milk will be standing by!)

  • Halloween Spook-tacular Cooking – (workshop 2)

In this one-day workshop kids will make boo-tiful mouth-watering dishes: Ghoulish Avocado Toasts with monster faces, Mac- O- lantern and Cheese, and   Ghostly Chocolate Cupcakes! No trick in having a good time making these treats!

  • Dia De los Muertos Day of the Dead Workshop

Dia de los Muertos is the celebration of the lives of those we loved and who have passed. We remember them with love. In this one-day workshop we explain the meaning of the holiday, traditions and a folktale, and make different traditional foods – skulls on chocolate strawberries, day of the dead decorated cheese breads, and mango Pico de Gallo. Fun! Yummy! Educational!

  • Sandwich Shop

Your child will enjoy the fun in making…. And eating…. Sandwiches! We introduce kids to a variety of breads and wrappings, common creations like grilled cheese with tomatoes, more unusual fare like a chow mien sandwich…. Plus, interesting homemade shmears like hummus and pesto.

  • Pre-school Cooking Fun

Cooking Round the World offers an introductory program for preschoolers ages 3 – 5. Each class is 1 hour long. During the cooking classes we introduce young chefs to new foods and flavors. There is map education, cooking and tasting. Plastic knives are used.


  • Eat Your Colors!

Green, Brown, Yellow, White, Red. Each camp day focuses on a new color – from the foods we cook to the stories and activities – the color dominates!

  • Cooking for your Health for Adults

The days of consuming overflowing plates of pasta and donuts are over.  As adults concerned about good health, it’s clear what you put inside your body will manifest internally with results exhibited externally.


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