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Cooking Round the World:
Virtual Zoom Programs

Cooking Round the World is delighted to be able to offer your children engaging, fun and delicious online classes.

An online class includes a cooking demonstration, cooking 1 - 2 dishes, food tastings, clean up instructions, and a story.

Leaning Objectives:

  • A cooking lesson that is step by step geared to a child’s ability

  • An excitement and newly found confidence to cook delicious international foods

  • Familiarity with diverse ingredients, spices, and flavors

Pre-recorded Online Classes 

Instructions: Please select the country bundle to purchase. After selecting the countries, please complete the form provided. Once the form is completed and payment has been accepted, you will receive a message with the links to the classes. Please follow these links to Vimeo to receive the full class with a recipe print out.


Scroll over the choice selected to access the registration.

            While these videos are child friendly, there are safety issues an adult needs to be mindful of in supporting their children’s leaning. We encourage children to follow along with the cooking demonstration, however, it’s important for an adult to take care of these practices: placing items in and out of the oven, using a large sharp knife to cut difficult things, emptying a pot with hot water, turning on/off the oven and the stove if your child is under 10 years old, and handling hot items.

To note: These videos were made with love and good intentions. Miss Mindy is NOT a professional actor; she is an educator.

Try out your FREE Colombia class HERE

10 Class Package - $75

(By clicking on the 10 class package, you will have access to those 10 classes)

There is one month's period of time to access the ten class package.

**After registration, parents will be sent a link to classes ordered**​

Choice 1:

Poland, Cambodia, Lebanon, Japan, Jamaica, Cuba, Iran, France, Denmark, Ireland

Choice 2:

Israel, El Salvador, Finland, Greece, Yemen, Venezuela, Turkey, China, New Zealand, Switzerland 

Choice 3:

Russia, Wales, Syria, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Morocco, Malaysia, South Korea

**No Refunds**

Safety and Sanitation:

Children should watch this free video before cooking

Miss Mindy would love to hear from you! Send photos and comments for a FREE t-shirt! She will answer everyone!  

Thank you! Miss Mindy will respond ASAP! 

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