Our Staff


Mindy Myers, Founder, Director

Miss Mindy has dedicated her life to helping children embrace that which is different. Through exposure to cooking and eating international foods,  learning about cultural nuances, and understanding world-wide celebrations and practices, children leave a Cooking Round the World experience with a broadened palette, and a desire to explore the world.


Karl Vonmecklenburg - Director of Technology

I have twenty five years experience working as an IT professional.

In my free time I love cooking and trying new recipes.

I am passionate about all things related to coffee.

I enjoy the outdoors and I like camping.

I value sustainable farming and the local farmers markets and I like to support  small local businesses


Ryann Hai - Program Director

Ryann is a mom of two teenaged boys and two very active French bulldogs. She has a passion for animals and children, and in her spare time she likes to cook and garden.


Stefen is a dedicated employee of Cooking round the world of 5 years. She enjoys traveling with her 4 kids and Military husband. Loves to roll up her sleeves and cook for the homeless in her spare time. 

Stefen Thompson -Southern California Regional Manager
/ Company Researcher

Cooking Teachers


Charles Borrowman

Charlie has a culinary degree and has been a wilderness survival instructor for nearly fifteen years. When he’s not out in the bush, he loves to cook, grow chilies, and travel to new places.


Kathryn Cords, Chef Educator

Chef Kathryn has years of experience working with children in several different capacities. As a young adult in the classroom, a camp counselor, and most recently, volunteering with her daughter. She has been a personal chef and is most comfortable in the kitchen creating meals for friends and family. She is a mom of a grown daughter and has three pups that keep her very busy.


Pooja Damani

Pooja is an avid home chef. Until recently, she has been a preschool teacher for many years. She collects cookbooks, loves different kinds of cuisine, and has an intense desire to try and make new dishes. Food is her way of making friends. She loves to make coconut cakes and salted chocolate chip cookies for dessert. In her free time, as a mom of two, (what free time??), she is often seen hanging out with her cats, cooking with her kids (mostly for), reading a good book  with a cup of tea, or laughing with her husband, (who is also kept around by his desire for good food.)

Antonio Ferrercookingroundtheworld.jpg

Antonio Ferrer

Hello, My name is Antonio, I am an avid seed saver, dancer and love to share my experiences
with food with my community. I am studying at UC berkeley to transform our agriculture system
and to bring justice into our food system as I study plant ethnobotany and Native rights. Catch
me at the garden, at a bachata dance and at the park with my son in my free time.


Leila Fogel

Leila is a 2022 graduate planning on attending a 2 month internship in Fiji studying marine biology and conservation. She loves to read, travel, play guitar, and of course, cook!


Brittany Humphrey

My name is Brittany, I’m a mom of two and have a 1 year old dog, named Bruce. I love to cook, paint and draw in my free time. 

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Kaitlyn Johnke


Siyona Kathuria

My name is Siyona Kathuria and I am currently in high school. I live in the Bay Area. Some of my favorite hobbies include cooking, playing soccer, and playing guitar. I am so excited to be working with everyone this summer. I cannot wait to meet you guys!

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Diane Nguyen

Hi my name is Diane Nguyen I am 26 years old and I attend Georgia State University for my bachelors in Psychology and Sociology. I was born and raised in Oakland California. I love to travel and learn new culture foods then make twists of my own with food. Some of my other hobbies I like to do Muy  Thai and make bucket lists for my self and try to check one off at-least every month


Rhoda Butler-Nelson

Rhoda Butler-Nelson is a long-time resident of the Bay Area.  She has over 25 years of experience working with kids in numerous roles such as: academic and athletic coach, a mother, grandmother, instructional aide and has worked with kids within the homeschooling setting.  She is retired Civil service employee of 30 years with the State of California and currently is a Board Member for the Council of Aging and Act Senior Assistance in Contra Costa County as well as an alternative Board Member for the First Five Program in Contra Costa County. She is passionate about life and wants to empower others to be passionate about life and live their best life. 


Deborah Pellegrino

Born and raised in the SF East Bay, Deborah is a mom of three boys and two golden retrievers.  She has a passion for for baking and has spent the last 30 years working in Bay Area restaurants as a Pastry Chef. 


Tululah Pickering

Tululah Pickering is a graduating high senior at Encinal High School with some experience teaching music. She enjoys road trips through California and hiking in the Oakland Hills.

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Natasha Ruble

Natasha loves baking and cooking for others; she spends her free time trying new bread recipes. She has years of experience working with kids in summer camp and classroom settings where she learned the value of curiosity and creativity. She loves the rain, talking about superhero action movies, and anything having to do with outer space! 


Valeska Schultz - Lafayette

I’m currently a Spanish Language teacher and Academic Instructional Assistant for the Orinda School District, Orinda, CA. I have worked with students  TK- High School for 20+ years, including my own children (ages 24 and 26 years old) and their friends. I have also worked for Cooking Round the World as a Chef Educator teaching and sharing the history, wonders and joy of cooking with youth!  


Kim Snyder 

Kim Snyder has many years of experience working with children and food. A girl mom with a love of cooking, she’s taken many culinary classes and enjoys writing about her kitchen creations on her blog. A lover of sunshine, soccer, food, wine and exploring new places. 

When life gets uncertain, eat dessert first.

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Kelly Thomas

Hi my name is Kelly and I am originally from San Diego. I have two kids of my own, my son is 20 and my daughter is 16. I’ve been working with kids for about 8 years a love it. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, baking, hiking, bowling and dancing. I am excited to combine my love of cooking and teaching this summer. :) 


Mark Waters

Mark Waters is a third generation native San Diegan, who loves cooking and teaching kids in an inclusive and diverse environment. Mark is compassionate and understanding and knows that ALL lives matter equally.


Alex Ibarra

Alex Ibarra has a strong passion for student self-efficacy. Through cooking, he will serve as a guide to building sustainable confidence among all students.


Geannie H

Geannie is a 24 year old self taught Chef with a passion for sharing delicious healthy recipes , tips, and ingredients with others! 3 fun facts about Geannie , her favorite types of food is Indian and Caribbean food, she loves going to the beach & music concerts , and she was born in South Florida! 

Laura Marenger

My name is Laura I have three beautiful daughters I have two wonderful grandchildren soon to be three I love working with kids and I also love cooking I am both excited and privileged to be a part of cooking round the world and to have this opportunity to be a part of a child’s journey as they explore the  world of cooking.


Hope Brennan

Hope Brennan is a veteran, she served two active years in the U.S. Army. In her junior year of high school, Hope was an exchange student. She spent her time in France. Learning the language and indulging on the pastries her host mom baked for her. She now spends her time cooking/baking and being a full-time cat mom to her kitten Arlo. 


Christina Rivas

Fun-loving girl from Wisconsin who moved to California for school. Looks forward to teaching and learning from the kids!