Our Staff

Mindy Myers, Founder, Director

Miss Mindy has dedicated her life to helping children embrace that which is different. Through exposure to cooking and eating international foods,  learning about cultural nuances, and understanding world-wide celebrations and practices, children leave a Cooking Round the World experience with a broadened palette, and a desire to explore the world.

Jessica Garcia - Program Director

Jessica was a Cooking Round the World teacher for years and learned from that experience about resolving  conflicts and smoothing out concerns from teachers, facilities, parents and students. Her role as a facilitator enables all parties to get the best quality services Cooking Round the World has to offer.

Stefen Thompson, Director - Lollipop Homework Help

Stefen Thompson, once Regional Manager for Cooking Round the World San Diego, is now Director of our newest addition, Lollypop Homework Help. She has a passion to live a life of service for our children and is grateful to serve the community. 

Stacey Shapiro - Director of Technology

Stacey is a a nutritionist, athlete, and foodie. She's been in the health and nutrition industry for over 10 years and loves helping people live healthier, happier, lives. 

Willa Heeger, Enrollment Coordinator

Tori Eichel, Program Assistant

Once a teacher, Tori’s role has changed to that of an administrator. She keeps track of data, emails, and the big and small particulars that keeps an organization afloat.  Her keen attention to details is critical to Cooking Round the World’s operations.

Lollypop Homework Tutors

Ally Martin is a junior at UC Berkeley studying Economics and Data Science. She loves helping others and is so excited to join this team of tutors!

Anja is a chemistry major who loves all things science and is also fluent in German. Anja loves spending time outdoors camping and hiking with her dog Mo.

Amalia is a Sophomore at UC Berkeley, double majoring in English and Media Studies. An older sister, she has lifelong experience helping children with their homework, and is adept at creating optimal learning strategies to best help students meet and exceed their academic goals.

Natasha is a senior at UC Santa Cruz, currently studying environmental studies and politics. She also loves to paint, read, do yoga, go for walks, and cook. 

Ava Dobbs is a UC Berkeley Junior majoring in English and minoring in Conservation and Resource Studies. She has been a tutor for more than seven years and is extremely passionate about helping students get excited about and motivated to learn!

Chloe Roesslein is a Sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley, studying Environmental Policy with a minor in Public Policy. In her spare time, she loves gardening, cooking, playing with her puppy Rocco, and spending time with her family. She is so excited to help support kids through tutoring during these unprecedented times and make sure every student has a chance to succeed academically. 

Anne Bensen is a Junior at Carleton College, which is located in Northfield, Minnesota. At Carleton, she is majoring in Political Science and is a member of the women’s lacrosse and women’s hockey team

Audely Zhou was born in Shanghai, China, grew up in Paris, France, and is currently at the University of Pacific in California set to graduate with a B.A. in International Business and Asian Studies. Her hobbies in her free time include tennis, being a freelance writer, and reading. Audely has always loved working with children and has 6 years of tutoring/teaching experience

Laurie is a Sophomore at Carleton College, a potential psychology major and women and gender studies minor! She plays on the college softball team and loves hanging out with friends and watching movies!

Emma Kartheiser is a rising sophomore at Carleton College who loves playing softball and volleyball (any sport, really!), baking cinnamon rolls, painting with watercolor, and watching funny movies. Emma is super excited to work as a Lollypop Homework Help Tutor!

Michael is a rising second-year student from UCLA. He has lived in Alameda his entire life and loves to watch and play sports.

Nectaree is a college student at Carleton College. She grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and enjoy the four seasons. Outside of school, Nectaree volunteers her time at the local elementary school and at a youth leadership program. Some of her hobbies include photography, painting, and trying out new foods. Nectaree is excited to be a tutor with Lollypop Homework Help and can't wait to interact with the students. 

Olivia is currently a junior at UC Berkeley studying Psychology and History.  She is passionate about the environment, rescue animals, and education

Logan is a native of Alexandria, VA and is a current junior at Carleton College where she is a political science major. She has travelled abroad extensively and enjoys sports, photography and cooking. 

Joe Chao is a Junior at Point Loma Nazarene University studying communications and Business. In his free time, he loves to play basketball and explore the outdoors.

Trina is a student at Carleton College, studying Environmental Science and Education. She hopes to one day earn her teaching credential so that she can continue to nurture and guide creative and intellectual exploration in the classroom.

Cooking Teachers

Hi! I’m Alex, a rising third-year Nutritional Sciences major at the University of California Berkeley. I have always loved food and eating right, and in my free time, I like to cook, exercise, be in nature, and read a good book or watch a good movie.

Greetings fellow cooks! I’m from the food-loving, beautiful city of Los Angeles. Growing up with a “cooking gene” my parents didn’t seem to possess, I ended up getting super creative in the kitchen, and yummy food has been a crucial part of my life ever since. I’ve always been a major foodie and am constantly working on my culinary techniques, all while searching for new interesting plant-based recipes. Looking forward to cooking with you soon!

With a passion for cooking, eating, and education, Alex believes that good food is an important building block to a happy and healthy life. Learning how to cook promotes self-sufficiency, practices life-skills, and teaches us how to nurture our bodies and spirits and, most importantly, allows us to share in the joy of eating and sharing with others.

Tamika has been building connection with others through cooking, eating, and talking about food all her life. She has experience teaching in farm-based camps and loves any opportunity to share the wonder and joy of cooking with youth!

Cooking Round the World is a nut-free program. We use no peanuts or tree nuts in any recipe. 

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